Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Passionate Self-Portrait



Passionate Self-Portrait



Passionate Self-Portraits

Students painted what they are most passionate about in their lives.  See if you can figure out what these young artists are trying tell us are their passions!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Personal Mapping–Bikes (Still more!)



Personal Mapping–Bikes (con’t)



Personal Mapping–Bikes



Personal Mapping–Bikes



Personal Mapping–Bikes

Students were encouraged to write memories about their experiences with bikes.  Mind mapping exercises, geographical maps, icons, and “doodles” about what they can recall were all introduced into the background of the works.  Students looked at several contemporary artists who work with personal mapping as a method of communication.


INTRODUCING...The Hoover Viking Art Gallery

Welcome to the opening!  Over the next few weeks postings of student artwork, as well as written responses to student art will be posted on this site.  The gallery is now open for business.

Art 1- Wrapped Up Celebrity

Students had to select a figure from pop culture that they felt whose “15 minutes of fame” should be wrapped up.  This beginning of the year assignment taught students about contemporary social statements that artists make and how to use technical skills such as value, 3D forms,and composition.